How can you combine adventure entertainment with relaxation and fun while maintaining a competitive spirit? Electric karts are the answer. Enjoy time with colleagues or friends in an exciting and fun way. Our amusement park is Jugla, Markalnes Street 10. You can go electric karting in Riga. You can find the track on the second floor. Next to it, you can play dynamic laser tag and strategic airsoft. Rest assured!

Speed and power

What is the best thing about riding an electric kart? Their power is what defines them. Imagine racing down the track with fans cheering and the finish line flag waving in the distance. Enjoy it with us in the modern arrow-kart electric-karting way. The electric karts can reach speeds up to 85 km/h straight. However, the karts can be adjusted to suit the track’s size and complexity, the driver’s age, and steering skills to ensure safety. You can find the way on the second floor. Next to it, you can play dynamic laser tag and strategic airsoft. Rest assured!

Small and large electric karts

Children as young as 1.2m can ride our electric go-karts. They come in different sizes and have different power levels. Every rider must know and adhere to the safety rules, so the ride is enjoyable for everyone. You can read the banners at the entertainment center and get all the information from our instructor before you go on the track. Follow the instructor’s directions and drive safely!

Which events are electric karts appropriate for?

Children and adults will enjoy electric go-karts. They are thrilling, adrenaline-filled activity that is sure to please. Women love to take control of go-karts and attempt to set the fastest lap time. Electric go-karts can also be used to have fun with coworkers or at corporate parties. If one employee doesn’t want to go out on go-karts, they can safely relax in the entertainment areas. You can also bring snacks, beverages, Novus, table tennis, and football. Let electric karting raise your adrenaline level too!

E electric cars will arrive just in time for events like:

  • Birthday parties
  • name day celebration;
  • corporate events;
  • Events for team building that are open to all sports teams and organizations
  • bachelor parties;
  • hen parties;
  • Rest with family or friends, etc

This is why electric karting indoors appeals to those who enjoy active entertainment and prefer more tranquil activities. It’s a great way to get out of your daily grind and improve your mood. Which group member will set the fastest lap time or break the track record? You can also play strategic airsoft, laser tag, and paintball in the Jugla indoor amusement center.

Although electric karting is a new addition to our services, our customers love our other active recreation options. We are constantly innovating and following world trends to make the entertainment at arrow karts parks more enjoyable. We want every customer satisfied after their visit and eager to return. Your vacation will be even more memorable with electric karts.

For celebrations, warm and well-appointed rooms

Because electric karting is a complete rest, so the entire company can take a break after their trips to the common rest area. We also have warm, well-furnished rooms that can be used by small groups of up to 40 people. You can set up a table and order food or drinks. We will offer you complimentary coffee and tea in return. Invite the parents to the children’s parties so they can chat quietly while the kids are racing along the track. Electric go-karts make great entertainment for birthday parties, graduations, and other celebrations.

Riga Electric Karting

Elektrokartingi, Markalnes Street 10, Riga – Easy to reach by vehicle or public transport (tram/minibus/bus). In the park’s territory, there is a large parking area for customers of arrow karts.

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