Speed and adrenaline! Go-kart ride for 1 to 2 people in the Press House (10 minutes)

Karts are all about speed, adrenaline, and the spirit of competition. But they also offer safety! You can set your record, compete against friends, family, or colleagues, and enjoy a fun, active environment in Presses name’s karting hall. This activity is for both beginners and professionals. 


Price $10.80, value $12.0010 min go-kart ride


Price $19.70, value $25.00

This offer includes the following:

  • Karting for 1 or 2 people in the “Preses Nama” karting hall
  • You have the chance to experience sharp sensations while you compete
  • This offer is for professionals and beginners, children (from 7 years), or adults.
  • Each driver can feel the control of their kart on the track’s uneven surface.
  • You can compare lap times and set a personal record by comparing them after each ride.
  • All necessary equipment will be provided
  • This offer can be used on WORKING DIES (Monday through Friday).
  • Duration: 10 minutes

Take note!

  • Sports shoes are highly recommended for this activity
  • Before participating in this activity, it is strictly prohibited to consume alcohol or any other intoxicating substances

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